Carlo Ancelotti: A Diamond Formation Secures Real Madrid's Decisive Victory

Carlo Ancelotti: A Diamond Formation Secures Real Madrid’s Decisive Victory

Carlo Ancelotti Used Diamond Tactic

Coach Carlo Ancelotti confidently stated, “We’re approaching the game with unwavering optimism and a determined belief in our ability to compete,” in response to inquiries about his tactical choices for Real Madrid’s imminent clash at San Mamés. The Italian coach left no room for ambiguity that he harbored no attachment to a specific formation. Nonetheless, the 442 diamond configuration stood as his most significant gamble. Throughout the four exhibition matches on the American tour, the diamond setup took center stage without exception. Sadly, the outcomes fell short of complete satisfaction.

The driving force of Real Madrid appeared dormant from the outset. Queries far exceeded resolutions as the team conceded eight goals in four preseason encounters, coupled with a lackluster goal conversion rate, defensive vulnerabilities, disjointed midfield transitions, pressing quandaries, and difficulties initiating attacks. The chosen formation surfaced as a question mark. Yet, Ancelotti exhibited unwavering conviction in his strategy, unflinchingly adhering to his vision. He reintroduced the diamond formation to the Cathedral’s pitch, capitalizing on the profusion of skilled central midfielders at his disposal. Ancelotti’s remarks, “There are areas we need to refine and aspects we need to work on,” succinctly encapsulated his acknowledgment of potential hazards associated with the formation. The outcomes resounded profoundly. At the Chamartín facility, a significantly improved performance unfolded, characterized by robust midfield presence and exemplary self-discipline.

Jude Bellingham: The Heart of the Diamond

Carlo Ancelotti: A Diamond Formation Secures Real Madrid's Decisive Victory

The monumental showdown bore witness to Jude Bellingham’s meteoric rise. The British midfielder epitomized professionalism. Right from the initial minutes, he orchestrated high-pressure situations deep within the opponent’s half, facilitating ball recovery and elegantly showcasing a harmonious blend of finesse and explosive agility. Carlo Ancelotti steadfast adherence to the diamond formation proved warranted, with Bellingham’s exceptional prowess justifying the choice that Saturday.

Enlisted in the playmaker role, the former Dortmund player emerged as a game-changer. He triumphed in 12 out of 14 possession duels and secured the ball on two occasions. Bellingham orchestrated nine progressive passes and delivered 18 incisive passes into the opposition’s final third. Notably, he sealed the victory with a splendidly executed goal, rightfully clinching the title of the match’s Most Valuable Player.

Dominance Through Tactical Precision

However, the formation’s success wasn’t a happenstance occurrence. Every element within it synergistically contributed to the overarching harmony. Carlo Ancelotti tactical acumen was on full display, as his squad systematically asserted dominance within the opposition’s territory. This formation hinged upon a finely-tuned equilibrium between aggressive pressing and strategic pressure application. Valverde’s team struggled to advance territorially, largely owing to the dynamic performances of players like Bellingham, Fede, Camavinga, and Tchouameni. The relentless pressing regimen bore fruit, leading to the recovery of numerous balls within precarious zones.

Moreover, the diamond setup empowered fullbacks to venture forward assertively and with depth, underscoring its defensive prowess. Both Carvajal and Fran showcased unwavering attacking intent, significantly bolstering the team’s offensive impetus. When height and pressure seamlessly merged, the defensive unit demonstrated greater resilience against offensive threats. The players’ astute positional sense and collective dedication thwarted Athletic’s attempts to breach the final third with menace.

Carlo Ancelotti and His Jubilant Triumph

In light of the triumphant outcomes stemming from his strategic decisions at San Mamés, Carlo Ancelotti can now savor the fruits of his labor. His confidence has been fortified, and a scrutinized system has been unequivocally vindicated. Adding to his achievements, Ancelotti’s pivotal milestone emerges—his 153 league appearances for Real Madrid align with the renowned Vicente Del Bosque. His illustrious track record, boasting 108 victories, 22 draws, and 23 losses, stands testament to his distinguished career. With only Miguel Muñoz (424) and Zinedine Zidane (183) ahead, Ancelotti appears poised to surpass Zidane’s record in the current season, symbolizing his ongoing impact within the annals of the club’s storied history.