Infanta Sofia Initiates a New Chapter: Heading to "Hippie Hogwarts" School in Wales

Infanta Sofia Initiates a New Chapter: Heading to “Hippie Hogwarts” School in Wales

In a heartwarming scene of departure, 16-year-old Infanta Sofia bid her parents, Queen Letizia of Spain and King Felipe of Spain, a farewell as she embarked on a significant journey to attend school in Wales. Her destination? The unique and forward-thinking UWC Atlantic College, often affectionately dubbed “Hippie Hogwarts.”

Relocating to Wales: Infanta Sofia Embracing an Exciting New Chapter

Breaking away from the norms of traditional royal education, Infanta Sofia packed her belongings and left her Madrid apartment to initiate a new chapter in Wales. At 16 years old, Sofia undertook a journey from her residence at the ‘Prince Pavilion’ near Zarzuela Palace to reach the UWC Atlantic College situated in the Vale of Glamorgan county.

UWC Atlantic College: A Remarkable Institution

UWC Atlantic College shines as a beacon of progressive education, attracting students from an impressive 150 different nations, all aged between 16 and 19. Nestled within the historic St. Donat’s Castle, the college’s campus carries a rich history dating back to the 12th century. Encompassing 122 acres of picturesque woods, farms, valleys, and coastline, the college’s ambiance captivates all who enter.
Infanta Sofia Initiates a New Chapter: Heading to "Hippie Hogwarts" School in Wales

A Regal Farewell: Stylish Departure of Infanta Sofia

Captured in a series of photographs released by the Spanish Royal Household, Infanta Sofia departure radiated style. Sporting her sage-colored bag, Sofia smiled as she prepared herself to leave. Accompanied by her parents, Queen Letizia of Spain and King Felipe VI of Spain, the moment resonated with pride and support.
Sofia’s attire, casually chic, featured a black and white checkered shirt, black cropped pants, white trainers, and a stylish cropped black top. The family shared a candid moment, with Sofia perched atop the cargo area of a vehicle, posing alongside her parents.

Initiating a New Phase: Princess Leonor’s Journey

This transition signifies another significant moment for the Spanish Royal Family. Princess Leonor, the elder daughter of King Felipe and Queen Letizia, recently achieved her diploma from UWC Atlantic College with an International Baccalaureate. As Infanta Sofia walks in her sister’s footsteps, this choice brings forth a sense of continuity and shared experiences within the family.

Continuation of Leonor’s Educational Journey: Embarking on a Military Path

Simultaneously, 17-year-old Princess Leonor embarked on a unique path. Departing earlier in the month to attend a military college, Leonor’s footsteps mirror those of her father. The heir apparent to the Spanish throne, she will observe a three-year waiting period, as per tradition, as she commences her military education.

Radiant Prospects Ahead

As the Spanish Royal Family witnesses the departure of one daughter and the inception of a new chapter for another, the prospects ahead shine radiantly. Infanta Sofia’s enrollment at “Hippie Hogwarts” and Princess Leonor’s pursuit of military education mark two distinct journeys, reflecting their individual personalities and aspirations. These transitions embody growth, exploration, and an unwavering dedication to learning, cherished values of the royal family.